Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set

Renault-F1-Team-Collection-Chess-SetThis collection is a dream come true for the gamer that is ultimate particularly so for the gamer that stocks passion for both the adrenalin rush of Formula 1 while the traditional battle of chess.

The pieces with this beautifully engineered set are actually parts of the Renault car – the suspension, hubs, uprights, wings and cockpit sitting.

The engine that is genuine of titanium, stainless, aircraft specification aluminium and carbon fiber have literally felt the warmth of Formula 1, and stay coolly on 64 squares of sterling silver and leather.

a product that is collector’s all the proper reasons of exclusivity, uniqueness, luxury and delight, the Renault F1 Team chess set comes at a price of £21,000 (or more or less US$41,600) for the die-hard Renault fan who can offer having a real piece of a Renault car gleaming on their coffee table. We’ve the latest exclusive pictures of the chess set for you courtesy of the makers at the Renault F1 Team Collection. (more…)

A Comparison Of Air Purifier Without Filter And Purifier With Filter. Which is Better?


When you visit the market for air purifiers, you will come across those with filters and also units without filters. Let us get into a comparison between these two models.

It is true that both air purifier without filter and those with filters are designed for improving the indoor air quality, but they are different in the way in which they approach the problem. If you are planning to invest in the best air purifier, it would be a great idea to understand the difference between these two types, so that you will be in a position to arrive at an informed decision. Let us understand the difference between the two models:

Filter-less models:

The ionic air purifiers come under the category of filter-less models and they are of two types and they are air ionizers and electrostatic precipitators. The models without filter can be attractive for buyers as they will not have to replace the filters frequently.

Electrostatic precipitators:

When it comes to electrostatic precipitators, they make use of positively and negatively charged plates for collection of particulates as they pass through. As against replacing the filter, the maintenance work to be done by the buyers of this model is that they must wash or clean the plates. Even though, this model is cost-effective, the problem with this model is that there will be a lot of performance issues as compared to the best air purifiers with filters. This model will perform at its best only when the plates are clean. However, even in this case, it showcases worse performance as compared to those with filters. When the plates are dirty, the performance further degrades.

In addition, the charged plates also produce ozone. For people with conditions like asthma and COPD, ozone can create a whole lot of problem.


I Really Like Massage

I understand that massage has many health benefits them very first hand because I have experienced. The truth is, I used to manage a complete large amount of pain within my neck, shoulders and right back. I carry my stress here and my muscles get really achy. The massage specialist told me that what goes on for the reason that right area of the reason that this happens is really because the stress causes my muscle tissue to retain acid and toxins. It gets caught in the muscles when you get stressed, your system releases lactic acid and lots of times. Then when you get a massage in your city, the massage therapist shall rub down every one of the acid in the muscles. Because it also feels good for me it hurts just a little bit, but it is a weird hurt. The target is to stretch the muscles out therefore that they’re not tensed up as well.

I feel a million times better after I get a massage. I feel I’m able to move my neck around without discomfort and my back does hurt so much n’t. I also know because I have a little sick to my stomach after a massage that it has worked. I will be told by the therapist that is really because the toxins and acid need to get someplace so you usually need certainly to go to the restroom within a couple of hours. For this reason you will need to remain hydrated and keep your muscle tissue going following the therapeutic massage.